Teaching is essential for organizing one’s thoughts, understanding the essential messages that may inspire students to learn, and learn even more oneself. Here are a few of the courses that I have taught during my career.

Climate Change: Science, Policy & Management

Climate change is a very complex issue, where scientific research from many different fields is combined to form a general picture. The policy issues related to climate change are equally complex, and moreover involve some controversial debates about economic, political or ethical choice. The course provides a review of the scientific research and models that have been developed through international cooperation and the likely consequences of climate change. In addition, the various technologies of mitigation and adaptation will be surveyed, leading to a discussion of appropriate policies for managing climate change at the global or national level.

Science, Technology, and Society

The course aims to provide students with theoretical and conceptual tools to understand the way scientific and technological decisions are made, and the effects that these decisions in turn have on social development. It will encourage students to analyse technology from different perspectives, to ask informed questions about the driving forces of science and technology, and to form their own opinions about the role of science and technology in our contemporary society.

Green Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This course provides an overview of green innovation ā€“ that is, innovation that serves to improve environmental sustainability of products, services or processes ā€“ and the opportunities and challenges faced by those who wish to engage in the development and implementation of such innovations.
For this purpose, we will examine theories of innovation systems and the management of innovation with special reference to the creation of knowledge and technologies for sustainable development. This leads to a better understanding of the incentives provided by governments or markets to promote technologies such as renewable energy, energy efficiency or waste reduction. We will also discuss key issues related to the management of innovation and entrepreneurship, to prepare for the development of green business plans.

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