For better or worse, an academic career requires the production and dissemination of ample amounts of published work in books, journal articles, and lately items like annotated bibliographies or commentaries on the web. My CV provides a longer list of publications than those found below.


Innovation and China’s Global Emergence

By Erik Baark, Bert Hofman and Jiwei Qian (Editors)

National University of Singapore Press (Paperback, August 2021)

Man, Nature and Technology: Essays on the Role of Ideological Perceptions

By Erik Baark and Uno Svedin (Editors)

Palgrave Macmillan, 1988

Articles and Chapters

Baark, Erik The Early Evolution of China’s Climate Change Science Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Observations, 9

Baark, Erik Tech war: The US’s mimicking of Chinese policies is fundamentally flawed ThinkChina (March 2023)

Baark, ErikA happy birthday to China’s national emissions trading schemeThinkChina (August 2022)

Baark, ErikChina’s 5G ambitions undiminished by pandemic and sanctionsThinkChina (July 2022)

Baark, Erik, “China’s New Digital Infrastructure: Expanding 5G Mobile CommunicationsEast Asian Policy, Vol. 14, No. 02, pp. 124-136 (2022)

Du, Coco Dijia and Baark, Erik, “The Emergence of Environmental Policy in China: Multiple Streams and the Shaping of a Technocratic BiasChina: An International Journal, Volume 19 Number 4 (November 2021): 32 – 51

Baark, Erik, “Why China will continue to experience power cutsThinkChina (October 2021)

Baark, Erik, “Can China keep its climate change promises?ThinkChina (May 2021)

Baark, Erik and Chen Gang, “China, EU And The United States Find Common Ground On Climate ActionsEAI Commentary No. 30 — 21 May 2021

Baark, Erik and Qian Jiwei, “China’s going full speed ahead on technology innovation. Will it work?ThinkChina (April 2021)

Spandagos, Constantine, Erik Baark, Tze Ling Ng, Masaru Yarime “Social influence and economic intervention policies to save energy at home: Critical questions for the new decade and evidence from air-condition use,” Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews Vol. 143, No. 2 (2021)

Baark, Erik and Qian Jiwei, “China’s whole-of-nation push for technological innovationThinkChina (December 2020)

Baark, Erik, “Basic Research and National Goals: The Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology in an Emerging Innovation SystemJournal of Asian Development Studies, Vol. 9, Issue 4 (December 2020), page 19-37

Qian, Jiwei and Erik Baark, “Automation, Rise of the Digital Economy and Implications for China’s Labour MarketEAI Commentary No. 21 (November 2020)

Spandagos, Constantine, Masaru Yarime, Erik Baark, Tze Ling Ng “‘Triple Target’ policy framework to influence household energy behavior: Satisfy, strengthen, include,” Applied Energy, Volume 269, (2020)

Baark, ErikMarket-based Climate Policy in China? The Case of Emissions Trading SystemsEast Asian Policy Vol. 11, No. 04 (December 2019), pp. 42-55

Baark, ErikEuropean Perspectives on the Chinese Belt and Road InitiativeChina: An International Journal Vol. 17 No. 4 (November 2019), pp. 76-9

Baark, ErikChina’s Indigenous Innovation PoliciesEast Asian Policy Vol. 11, No. 02 (April/June, 2019), p. 5-12

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Baark, ErikInnovation System Reform in Indonesia and Vietnam: A new Role for Universities?Journal of STI Policy and Management 1(1) (July 2016), p. 1-15

Baark, ErikKnowledge and Innovation in China: Historical Legacies and Institutional ReformAsia Pacific Business Review Vol. 13, No. 3 (July 2007), p. 337-356

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