Over the years, I have acted as a consultant to international organizations and various government organizations. This has often involved both field research and extensive local interviews and talks.
Consulting allows one to shift the focus to practical issues of policy making.

Formulating a Strategy for Technology Transfer Projects in China (UNDP, 1991)
Formulation Mission for UNDP project on the commercialization of technologies from Chinese Universities (UNDP, 1992)
Mongolia UNDP/OPS Mission concerning the formulation of a policy for technology transfer(UNDP/OPS, 1993)
Capital Goods Industry Development in Ghana (CSIR STPRI, 1995)
Development of S&T Indicator system for Hong Kong (HKSAR Industry Dept., 2001-02)
Consultancy Study to Develop a Framework to Assess the Economic Impact of Research and Innovation Activities in Hong Kong (HKSAR Innovation and Technology Commission, 2006-10)
ChinaAccess4EU – Supporting the EU access to Chinese research & innovation programmes (European Commission, DG Research, 2010-12)
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