Global sinologist – if such exists

With publications spanning China’s industrial policies, the role of innovation in Asian politics, the shaping of information systems in India and China, and Chinese climate change policies, I have made a career of understanding and charting how China has moved, managed and navigated technology on the global stage from the Qing Dynasty to the present.

Available for lectures, consultancy and even the simplest burning questions on China you might be harbouring.

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Global sojourn

In addition to my core interest in China and Hong Kong, I have done research on Japan, Mongolia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Ghana, and of course my home country Denmark.

I have taught courses at Lund University, Technical University of Denmark,Tufts University, and Hong Kong University of Science &Technology.

Interdisciplinary research

I have been fortunate to work mostly in interdisciplinary fields of research, where the issues of science, technology, and innovation are studied in a wider context, using a variety of methodologies for analysis.

Increasingly, I have become keen to address what i think is the core human, technological, and innovative challenge of our times – climate change!

Innovation, Innovation!

One thing that fascinates me about innovation is the extent to which it is shaped by the influence of social, economic and cultural features of the environment in which it takes place.

That can be a double-edged sword: on the one hand, innovation is subject to powerful forces, such as markets, profits or vanity projects; on the other hand, innovation should reflect our priorities, instead of being entirely determined by its own technical logic.

Since our problems have been our own creation

They also can be overcome

When we use the power provided free to everyone

George Harrison, “This is love” 1987